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Howard Kanovitz Painter

1929 - 2009

"Howard Kanovitz is perhaps the most poetic of the group of New Realists who began to forge novel expressive truths from the camera’s photographic image in the Sixties. Kanovitz makes us acutely aware of the artistic process, the miracle of vision, and mercurial nature of our seemingly familiar world.”




Sam Hunter,

 Curator, MOMA, 

Director of the Jewish and Rose Art Museums

Professor Emeritus, Princeton University,

howard kanPainting Wall and Waterbucket St

1967  Painting Wall and Waterbucket Stool

MUMOK Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, Austria

2007 Self Portrait

"Painting Through the Lens" series

Howard Kanovitz Foundation

The New Yorkers 1, Whitney Museum of Art, Richard Rogers

1965 The New Yorkers I

Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC

"Everything is just as it is

Yet completely different than it seems."

Howard Kanovitz

1967  The Opening

Kunsthalle, Bremen

1968, The People

Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg

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